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8 essentiële stappen

CIO Day, 24 november

Op 24 november was Michael uitgenodigd om op het besloten gedeelte van de CIO Day te spreken over zijn boek in het kader van “breaking through conventions”. Verslag en foto’s staan online.

IT & Leadership in the new normal

Contemporary leaders attitude towards society, technology, organization and economy is shifting. A development that seems to be connected with the ubiquitous unfolding digitalization. The CIO can play a key role in several ways. But what exactly is expected of modern IT leader? And what does he or she bring along? Not only in terms of knowledge and skills, but also when it comes to personal beliefs and the ability to make the world and the organization a bit better and nicer.

Peter Sondergaard The Digital Business Scenario: Building A Digital Future!
Peter Sondergaard, Senior Vice President and Global Head of Research, Gartner
Last year Gartner shared with you how every industry is digitally remastering, and how that affects your business. This year the tables are turned: what should CIOs do to take matters in their own hands, and drive a successful digital business strategy? Moreover, how does the impact of the CIO go beyond business performance, and directly affects society at large? These are the existential questions for IT in the years to come. But the window of opportunity is limited.

Jan Rotmans The New Normal
Jan Rotmans, Professor in Sustainability Transitions at Drift, Erasmus University Rotterdam
According to Jan Rotmans, Professor in Sustainability Transitions at DRIFT (Erasmus University Rotterdam) we are hampered in our progress due to bugs (‘weeffouten’) on five different levels; institutions, technology, economy, society and ecology. These levels may not seem all equally relevant for IT executives, but anyone who looks at the bigger picture will notice that due to the increasing intertwining of forces the overall complexity is increased. This is amplified by globalization, intensification, informalization and strong IT driven computerization and individualization. Besides top executives only the CIO seems to be able to oversee the overall playing field.
Michael Jongeneel Leadership
Michael Jongeneel, Managing Director, Triodos Investment Management
How much ‘licenses to change’ does the CIO need? A capable IT decision maker really only needs to pick up the challenge: a changing world (and a new generation of talent) requires a new leadership style. Michael Jongeneel, managing director of Triodos Investment Management and co-author of the book ‘8 essential steps for leaders of the future’, will provide concrete tools for the CIO. In a an interactive process, he will break through some crucial conventions and show that win-win solutions are no longer enough. Truly successful leaders will be those who choose the win-win-win solution: the option that is right for the leader, the organization and the whole context. Jongeneel will connect business drivers with the personal motivations. During the pre-conference, the rising star of management gurus will show from which source leaders of the future will draw to make optimal decisions. If it were up to Jongeneel, the CIO is in an excellent position to take the lead.